Villages - the ‘Exhibition'

Exhibition Description

The ‘Exhibition’. Thirty-nine aerial photographs of what remains - seen from the air & through the water - of the Lost Villages. These photographs were taken by the artist from his aircraft. We see the elements of a conventional landscape in a very unusual context – under water. Churches. Locks. Stumps. Canals. Islands. Foundations. Bridges. Barns. Railways. Here and there parts of the watery environment blend with this peculiar space. Boats. Birds. Swimmers and fish.

Captions - Geography & History

Each photograph is linked to it’s own page and linked to each other. Each is situated with its geographical coordinates as well as the names of the Lost Villages to which the now watery landscape once belonged. Each has a description of what it is – a road, a bridge, a lock, etc. Additionally, most are situated with what renders the most meaning, the history of each place or surrounding area. A history extending from thousands of years ago, from the 1700s, through the 1950s and into the present.