People - Interviews

Twenty-Seven Portraits

7,500 people lost their properties, homes, farms, churches, businesses to the Inundation. Twenty-seven individuals share their insights and experiences of living through the intentional destruction of their communities. These are living witnesses and their descendants whose lives are shaped by places - still alive and animated in their minds - to which they cannot return.

Everyone experienced the Inundation differently. Some had a positive experience of considerable material improvement. Most remember the experience as difficult and disorienting. For all it was a formative experience which they carry into the present day.

Interviews & Videos

The portraits are linked to individual pages where each interviewee has their own page short texts, photographic portraits and videos.  Each is a short vignette gleaned from hours of interviews conducted across Ontario, Canada. These are their own words; people grappling - some for the first time - with their experience of the destruction of their communities by the Seaway.

The interviews followed in the wake of the first Sunken Villages art exhibition in 2011. Their stories, faces and voices have become an integral part of the Sunken Villages project as well as the exhibitions that followed.