Six Year Olds ‘Immersed’ in Sunken Villages

Gallery Curator Christina Chrysler with Class of Six Year Olds

Oct 24, 2013

Christina writes: “The little visitors today loved the exhibit! They found it fascinating and really spent a lot of time (for 6 year-olds) going over each photograph and back and forth. They each had a favourite!

Interestingly, when I explained what the exhibit was about, they really ‘got’ it. I asked how they would feel if they were told they had to leave their homes, and the responses were “sad”, “angry” and “not fair”.

They liked finding stumps and foundations and I was surprised at their level of understanding and interest.  You have young fans, who, after making it to grade 5 plan on attending St. Lawrence. 🙂 It’s always nice to watch little brains expanding…”


Christina Chrysler with Group of 6 year old childer at MVS Oct 24 2013 800x1237